Our Company

Across the Pacific Northwest, agricultural demand for nitrogen fertilizers remains at an all-time high. With the region importing the vast majority of all fertilizers used, existing suppliers command premium prices and transportation costs remain high – often at the expense of local farmers. Nitrogen-based fertilizers are an essential element and a much needed source of nutrients for growing food crops. 

Fertilizers are essential to meet the demands of our growing population. With the application of modern nitrogen-based fertilizer, the number of people that can be supported per acre of arable land more than doubles.

Committed to manufacturing high-quality nitrogen fertilizer for agricultural use, Pacific Coast Fertilizer (PCF) is a joint venture partnership founded by leading North American industrial project developers with top global technology and engineering firms. To better serve the Pacific Northwest agricultural community, PCF intends to develop a state-of-the-art facility for the local production and distribution of nitrogen-based fertilizer – with an industry leading commitment to safe and secure operations

In May 2017, PCF and the City of Longview, Wash. agreed on a purchase and sales price to locate the facility at the Mint Farm Industrial Park. The state-of-the-art facility would create approximately 1,000 jobs over the three year construction period and 100 family-wage direct, permanent jobs once in operation.